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The World of Needlepoint is the official website of the Needlepoint Group, a part of TNNA, The National NeedleArts Association. Use the email links below if you would like to contact us:

For Needlepoint Group information or assistance:

For information about TNNA:

About The World of Needlepoint

Welcome to the website of the Needlepoint Group (NPG), part of the National NeedleArts Association (TNNA). "The World of Needlepoint" is fast becoming the go-to site for anyone interested in the art of needlepoint, stitchers and non-stitchers alike. In addition to highlighting individual members, wholesale and retail, we provide a one-stop resource for all things needlepoint aimed primarily at individual stitchers. Our goal is to increase interest and participation in needlepoint around the world. To that end, we are no longer seeking advertisement revenue to offset the cost of website maintenance. Instead, we will provide individual member profiles, both designer/wholesalers and retailers,
on a rotating basis free of charge.
The only requirements are as follows:

  • You must be a dues-paying member in good standing. Click Here to join!
  • You must link your company website to www.worldofneedlepoint.org.

Benefits of Membership

Increase Traffic to Your Website
Your company/store profile provided by "World of Needlepoint" will link visitors directly to your site. Statistical data has proven that visitors often click through to other sites from links provided by WorldofNeedlepoint.org. Our redesigned look and refined mission will increase this exponentially. It is also vitally important that all members link their own site to ours. Doing so will help build traffic both ways.

Connect with Needlepoint Enthusiasts Everywhere
As a result of our recent keyword search engine optimization, thousands are beginning to discover WorldofNeedlepoint.org. And we're continually adding links to other needlepoint informational sites to further increase site exposure. Additional traffic is also driven through links from sites such as TNNA.org, other needlework associations and related industry informational sites.

Be Part of Our Community
As an added benefit to members of the Needlepoint Group, only members will be featured on our site. As a NPG member, your business will receive exposure to a myriad of potential customers throughout the world. Your presence on our site enhances our mutual interest in expanding the world's understanding, appreciation and participation in the art of needlepoint. Please let us know if you would like to submit material for use on the site, or would like to be featured in an article about your company.

As the premier website of the Needlepoint Group, WorldofNeedlepoint.org is fast becoming the go-to site for all things needlepoint for stitchers and non-stitchers alike. In addition to highlighting members, WorldofNeedlepoint.org provides visitors with information about what's old, what's new, what's available, and where to find out more about needlepoint.

Membership Requirements

TNNA is a trade association open only to verifiable businesses providing services and/or products to and for the needlearts industry. The NPG is a product segment group of TNNA. The Needlepoint Group focuses on our particular product segment: Needlepoint. All NPG members must also belong to TNNA. NPG dues are $40 per year which includes an opportunity to be featured on the "World of Needlepoint" website.

Important Considerations

We want to ensure that the quality of the photographs we include will be the best available. All submissions will be evaluated for photographic clarity and overall quality. If selected, they will be placed in the appropriate category on a rotating basis as it is vitally important that we regularly update the site to encourage repeated visits from the needlepoint community.

The World of Needlepoint website is a resource for everyone interested in the art of Needlepoint:designers, wholesalers, retailers, and most of all individual stitchers. We intend to provide the finest one-stop needlepoint resource available on the web. It is in our collective interest to keep this beautiful art form thriving. The World of Needlepoint website is a great way to do just that.

We encourage everyone to submit image files by e-mail to: NeedlepointGroup@TNNA.org.

Images on the Web

  • Image clarity is of utmost importance if we are to maintain a highly polished, professional appearance on the web. Therefore, poor quality images will not be considered for inclusion on the site.
  • All images must be provided in jpg (preferred) or gif file format.

  • Image submissions should be as large and as high a resolution as possible but in no case below 72 dpi (dots per inch).

  • For Finished Projects, please include the name of designer, stitcher, finisher, store (if applicable) with city and state in your email (not as part of the image itself), as well as design number and title (if any). For feature article images, please provide whatever information is appropriate to the image.

  • Provide web address for possible link where appropriate.


The World of Needlepoint is sponsored by the Needlepoint Group,
a part of The National NeedleArts Association. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.
Site designed by Devon Nicholson Design.
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